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Our Foundation supports and empowers women. The war in Ukraine caused us to suspend many projects and focus on what is needed the most now. These are the activities that we conduct to help those most in need:

1. We collect medical supplies, bandages, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and other materials needed in Ukrainian hospitals and field hospitals.

2. We support the action of collecting hygiene products and basic necessities - called bags of dignity - for people who come to Poznań.

3. We engage in voluntary help at Poznań train station.

4. We organize meetings with psychologists and support groups for refugees.

5. Together with other organizations, including IT companies, we are preparing a project of programming courses for Ukrainian women. The courses would allow women to find employment in IT, with the possibility of flexible hours and working from home. For us, this seems to be an ideal solution to systematically help dozens of refugee women. Long-term help in this area appears to be necessary - the costs of courses or boot camps amount to several thousand PLN and are beyond the financial reach of emigrant women.


Should you want to support our cause, here are the details:

Account number:



11 1600 1462 1880 8683 8000 0001

PL11 1600 1462 1880 8683 8000 0001


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